European Congress of Truma and Emergency Surgery. April 24-26, 2022 Oslo/Norway

Welcome note

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

The European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ECTES) 2020 was to take place in Oslo, on April 26-28, and we had finalised a great programme for what was going to be the most multidisciplinary ECTES to date. Like similar congresses all over the world, the Corona virus outbreak sadly forced us to postpone the Oslo meeting to 2021. However, the pandemic resulted in ECTES 2021 being run as a successful virtual meeting that was well attended.

For 2022, ESTES is delighted to announce that we are again planning a complete physical congress and we hope to see you at the 21st ECTES from April 24-26, 2022 in Oslo, Norway.

ESTES is focusing on the critically ill and injured surgical patients, with ECTES as the arena bringing personnel groups together in a multidisciplinary environment to improve, optimise, inspire, recruit, and provide possibility for networking and learning from each other. Similar to previous editions of our congress, the ECTES will retain its international character in 2022 by hosting over 40 sessions with numerous speakers from all over the world. The ESTES is looking forward to offering a platform to experts in all areas of trauma and emergency surgery. We will host a number of guest symposia including several international scientific societies like IATSIC, DGU, ATLS, ATCN and AO Trauma.

We are lucky to work in a field that is both diverse and dynamic. Within the last decades, many different innovations and improved treatment strategies have been implemented for the benefit of our patients. Our five sections, Emergency Surgery, Disaster & Military Surgery, Skeletal Trauma and Sports Medicine, Visceral Trauma and Polytrauma, as well as the Permanent Education Committee are preparing an exciting and interdisciplinary programme.

Oslo is a city on the rise and a capital world-famous for peace politics, where people with diverse backgrounds exchange ideas and develop modern solutions. Oslo can present pioneering architecture and is surrounded by beautiful nature and sporting. We proudly welcome you to a metropolis so compact that international restaurants and great attractions are always just around the corner.

We are looking forward to a stimulating scientific and social event, and to welcoming you at ECTES 2022.

Christine Gaarder

Congress president ECTES 2022

Postgraduate course in Medical Response to Major Incidents MRMI trauma & mass-casualty incidents organized in collaboration between the European Society for Trauma & Emergency Surgery (ESTES), Karolinska University Hospital and Oslo University Hospital Time: April 27-29, 2022 (Instructor training April 26 – 29) Location: Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål, Norway Course Director: Carl Montán (

Design of the course
The course is based on the advanced simulation model ( training the whole chain of
response to Major Incidents such as Mass-Casualty Incidents: Scene, transport, hospitals, coordination &
command, including also training in triage and individual patient-management and with participation of
collaborating agencies like rescue service, police and protection agencies. It is totally interactive, starting
with one day of preparative training in groups, followed by two full days of simulation exercises with all
participants active in their normal positions and with careful evaluation and analysis of the result of the
response. The course has special focus on physical trauma after terrorist attacks & military conflicts.
This requires a distribution of participants in accordance with the roles during the simulation exercise.
In the standardized application form, the applicant has to indicate his/her preference and competence
for the different roles and this may be used in the composition of participants.
Instructor training
Instructor training is offered for a limited number of participants who previously have passed a basic course
and/or have specific qualifications meriting for instructor training.
Accommodation is not included in the course fee but room reservation can be done with discount for
participants on walking distance to the course venue. Hotel suggestion Thon hotel (130 EUR per night).
Course fees (Members of ESTES 10% discount on course fees) €
Nurses, paramedics and ambulance staff:
Basic course 3 full days including lunches but not accommodation 640
Officers in fire-, rescue-, police- and protection services 640
Doctors and administrative staff:
Basic course 3 full days including lunches but not accommodation 820
Instructor candidates:
Instructor training 4 full days including lunches but not accommodation 950
For more information and application form please visit
Application forms can also be requested from
Deadline for application: March 10, 2022. Number of participants limited.

4th Global Conference on Emergency Nursing and Trauma Care 9-11 November 2023 | Gothenburg, Sweden

Come and join international emergency nurses, paramedics and trauma healthcare professionals at the fourth conference in this popular series to share the latest research, knowledge, ideas, innovations and current developments within nursing and healthcare in both the developed and developing world.

Abstracts are invited by 20 May 2022 for talks, mini oral presentations with posters and stand-alone posters on the following topics:

  • Emergency care in different environments
  • Specialties in emergency nursing
  • Pre-hospital care
  • Advanced practice
  • Research and education
  • Patient safety and non-technical skills
  • Pandemic planning & management
  • Stress, coping and resilience


SweTrau Årsrapport 2020

SweTrau Årsrapport 2020 skickas idag till företrädare för traumaverksamheten inom respektive region. Den har tidigare gått ut till styrelsen för Svensk Förening för Akutkirurgi och Traumatologi, LÖF (Säker Traumavård) samt alla som registrerar i SweTrau. Den finns även tillgänglig för nerladdning på följande länk: 
Årsrapport 2020 kan vid en första anblick verka rätt snarlik föregående årsrapport. Det finns dock en del nyheter som särskilt kan påpekas:
  • Mortalitetsskillnader mellan sjukhus (sid 21) redovisas nu för en treårsperiod i stället för som tidigare två år, i enlighet med tidigare önskemål från SFAT.
  • Andelen dödsfallsanalys för sjukhus med minst 3 dödsfall inom 30 dagar efter traumat under perioden 2018-2020 (sid 25-28) redovisas på sjukhusnivå.
  • En ny kvalitetsindikator, Kompletta traumaregistreringar inom 90 dagar (sid 29-30) har införts. Vi redovisar i år siffror för 2020 på sjukvårdsregionnivå, men kommer från och med nästa år att redovisa även denna kvalitetsindikator på sjukhusnivå.
  • Täckningsgraden redovisas på alla nivåer (nationellt, sjukvårdsregioner, regioner samt sjukhus). Det är första gången som täckningsgraden redovisas på regionnivå.
Datauttag för kommande årsrapport kommer preliminärt att göras i april-maj 2022.

SweTrau Årsrapport 2020

The TEAM instrument for measuring emergency team performance: validation of the Swedish version at two emergency departments


Klas Karlgren1,2,3* , Anders Dahlström1,4, Anderz Birkestam5, Annelie Drevstam Norling5, Gustav Forss ,Andersson Franko6, Simon Cooper7, Thomas Leijon8 and Charlotta Paulsson8


Background: The Team Emergency Assessment Measure (TEAM) questionnaire is designed for rating the nontechnical performance of emergency medical teams during emergencies, e.g., resuscitation or trauma management.Originally developed in Australia it has today been translated and validated into eleven languages, but a Swedish version is lacking. The aim was therefore to cross-culturally translate and evaluate the reliability and validity of the TEAMquestionnaire in a Swedish health care setting.
Methods: The instrument was forward and backward translated and adapted into a Swedish context according
to established guidelines for cross-cultural adaptation of survey-based measures. The translated version was tested
through 78 pairwise assessments of 39 high-priority codes at the emergency departments of two major hospitals. The
raters observed the teams at work in real time and flled in the questionnaires immediately afterwards independently
of each other. Psychometric properties of the instrument were evaluated.
Results: The original instrument was translated by pairs of translators independently of each other and reviewed by
an expert committee of researchers, nurses and physicians from diferent specialties, a linguist and one of the original
developers of the tool. A few adaptations were needed for the Swedish context. A principal component factor analysis confrmed a single ‘teamwork’ construct in line with the original instrument. The Swedish version showed excellentreliability with a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.955 and a mean inter-item correlation of 0.691. The mean item-scale correlation of 0.82 indicated high internal consistency reliability. Inter-rater reliability was measured by intraclass correlationand was 0.74 for the global score indicating good reliability. Individual items ranged between 0.52 and 0.88. No foor efects but ceiling efects were noted. Finally, teams displaying clear closed-loop communication had higher TEAM scores than teams with less clear communication.
Conclusions: Real time observations of authentic, high priority cases at two emergency departments show that the
Swedish version of the TEAM instrument has good psychometric properties for evaluating team performance. The
TEAM instrument is thus a welcome tool for assessing non-technical skills of emergency medical teams.

© The Author(s) 2021. Open Access This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which
permits use, sharing, adaptation, distribution and reproduction in any medium or format, as long as you give appropriate credit to th

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Välkommen som Posterutställare på Sjuksköterskedagarna 2022.

Välkommen att skicka in bidrag som Posterutställare på Sjuksköterskedagarna 8 – 9 mars 2022, Munchenbryggeriet Stockholm

Syftet med posterutställningen är att sprida goda exempel inom omvårdnad från utvecklingsarbeten och resultat från forskningsprojekt till kollegor inom vård, omsorg och utbildning. Fokus ligger på att visa hur vård och omsorg kan förbättras för patienter och närstående, i linje med konferensens tema: ” Sjuksköterskans kompetens – nyckel till hälsa”.

Skicka in ditt abstract för en poster från den 1 september fram till den 19 december kl 14.00

Ditt abstrakt ska innehålla bakgrund, syfte, metod, resultat och slutsatser, max 250 ord; Times new roman, pt 12.

I övrigt behövs:

Titel på poster, max tio ord

Huvudförfattare, namn och titel: Arbetsplats, e-post

Alla medförfattares namn plus en titel per person.


En jury bedömer postrarna enligt fastlagda kriterier och två utmärkelser delas ut, en för bästa forskningsposter och en för bästa utvecklingsposter. Priset är en veckas stughyra i Huså . Eventuell vinstskatt betalas av mottagaren.

Kontaktuppgifter för frågor:

Marie Iwarzon eller Lina Hammarbäck

Svensk sjuksköterskeförening
Baldersgatan 1
114 27 Stockholm

Årsmöte 2021-11-18. 18 00

Årsmöte för Riksföreningen för sjuksköterskor inom trauma genomförs 2021-11-18. 18.00.

Mötet genomförs via ZOOM.

Anmälan på hemsidan via fliken årsmöte under kursutbudet.

Aktuell länk skickas ut till anmälda medlemmar en vecka innan mötet.

Årsmöteshandlingar är tillgängliga på hemsidan 2 veckor innan mötet.



Styrelsen för RST

Utbildningar med anledning av skräpta rekommendationer från FHM

Med anledning av att Folkhälsomyndigheten( FHM)utfärdat skärpta rekommendationer kring Covid-19 kan vår utbildningsverksamhet komma att påverkas. Vi följer såväl FHMs rekommendationer som rekommendationer och beslut från Sveriges regioner och landsting. Vår förhoppning är att kunna utbilda så många som möjligt på ett sätt som inte äventyrar deltagares eller instruktörers hälsa. Frågor kring kursverksamheten besvaras i första hand av respektive kursledare.